To Heal a Heart (Mills & Boon Love Inspired)

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Manual Healing the Doctors Heart (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) (Home to Hartley Creek, Book 3)

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She knows he's the kind of man s A Fresh Start Lily Farnsworth can thank a mysterious benefactor for the chance to open her own flower shop in Bygones, Kansas. But Tate Bronson is the biggest challenge the relocated Boston attorney has ever faced. Forget about tossing out the wel Amnesiac Bride An injured woman in a wedding veil on Jack Colby's ranch property? Jack has no idea who she is-and neither does she. And since Jack's entire life chang In charge of a hotel renovation, Petra Chatam's got everything under control -- except Dale Bowen. The too-handsome contractor has his own ideas about the project.

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Healing The Soldier's Heart

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Desperate for help, she Though she was kind and beautiful, she was far too young and unconventional to be a proper minister's wife. She couldn't possibly be the o Word is, his wife was already pregnant when they wed and now that Jeremy has learned the truth, he's All mortgage broker Kendal Oakes wanted was a stable, loving home for his daughter, Larissa. He was widowed, and his motherless little girl was prone to uncontrollable tantrums. But then single mom Connie Wheeler walked into the church day-care cente When he opened the door on the lovely Jolie Wheeler and rooms he hardly recognized, he knew he'd found the person to fix up his bare new bach While hurrying to catch a plane, widowed lawyer Mitch Sayer finds a single page from a handwritten letter, a letter offering forgiveness to an unknown recipient.

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But getting framed for a murder she didn't commit isn't exactly her idea of fun Detective T Even amid a crowd Reece Carlyle stood out. Handsome, virile, sexy -- he had caught her attention. When Amber encountered Reece again, she knew without doubt that he'd been following her. Yet why would this mesmerizing man who could have anything Channing Hawkins was a millionaire willing to share his wealth with the right woman. His sole stipulation? That she be good mommy material for his adopted daughter.

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True, the child genius was precocious, prickly, sometimes down But his bloodlines ran as blue as the Montagues, age-old enemies of the Thortons, whose palace the prince infiltrated, searching for his kidnapped half sister. The Fortunes of Texas: Membership in this family has its privileges But what a fortune can't buy, a true-bred Texas love is sure to bring! The executive had no time for a wife or But in the year Colin Garret had been searching for the boy, lovely Lauren Cole had been caring for his child And this exhilarating, warmhea It was a fairy tale come true Charming, courageous Zach Keller had asked poor little Jillian Waltham to be his bride.

But his proposal was just a formality. For the sexy bodyguard had promised to protect Jillian with his very life, and the But Caroline knew in her heart that what they had was the chance of a lifetime. And it looked like it was up to her to show the lonely rancher th The sassy single woman had invented a boyfriend, and now her boss was demanding to meet Denise's darling. She knew of only one man who His grandfather's will had left Paul little choice: Marry a woman he despised or lose the Ropin' and ridin' across three states was simple compared to losing her heart and soul to rugged Struggling single father Orren Ellis needed someone to care for his brood, and the only applicant was Mattie Kincaid.

Though the beauty could cook, clean and courageously keep h Until desperate, penniless heiress Laurel Heffington Miller sought protection for her secret son - and made mincemea Meet the Fortunes--a family whose legacy is greater than riches. Because where there's a will So he hired pretty Laura B But Heller Moore's dreams didn't exactly come true.

Divorced and working two jobs to keep up the payments on her trailer home, the single mom hardly ha Raising a girl alone wasn't easy, and lately Mattie's wild makeup and taste in clothes had this police officer seeing red. But when the woman next door called the cops about Mattie's de A cruel deception had robbed Dr. Gail Terry of her newborn baby. And after years of desperate searching, Gail had finally found her, alive and well and living in Texas. Now, the only person who stood between Gail and her precious daughter was ruggedl Joan Burton was no pushover for sweet-talking cowboys.

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But when Griff Shaw showed up on her doorstep, injured and alone, she had to take him in. But that didn't mean she'd fall for his seductive grin First comes marriage Lonely rancher Leon Paradise had fallen in love at first sight with his mail-order bride, Cassie Esterbridge. But he'd barely said "I do" when a half-dozen ragtag boys showed up at the local bus depot, claiming to be hers Dallas playboy Parker Sugarman had soulful eyes, a wicked grin and his choice of gorgeous women. But this time he needed a woman to wed, not bed. So who better than his lifelong friend, straitlaced Kendra Ballard?

Their short-term celibate marriag Waiting her out Bolton Charles was too close for comfort.

There Comes A Season Mills & Boon Vintage Love Inspired

Clarice Revere was certainly grateful for the friendship he shared with her son. And she couldn't deny that the man was attractive, eliciting feelings she'd long forgotten. But Clarice Triple trouble Wyatt Gilley had his hands full raising his redheaded twin sons.