On the Outside Looking In: Hope for Separated Fathers Who Want to Be Good Fathers

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I think it provides good advice for parents equipped to take it. I agree, this article is misguiding. Whoever wrote it has no idea how to parent. The teen will pick to choose the house with the less rules, and most awarding materially.

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The result, poor parenting. My ex yells, and sends my children texts I wouldnt sent to an adult Im angry at , but she does it to them. She also doesnt have ANY rules at her house, and doesnt care how long they stay up on any night. No chores at her house either. So which is the better home to live in? From a logical adult standpoint it is with me, their father with structure, and carefully awarded behavior.

Separated father: 'I will spend Christmas on my own, not seeing my children'

From the teen agers standpoint is the MOm with no rules. Get your articles right before you make a website!!! It also depends on the age of the child. My grandson is 6, and though his father is materially better off than his mother, he prefers to be with his mother because he is not blamed for things he cannot possibly know are wrong until he is informed.

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His father spanks him for dumb things -- assuming he should already know right from wrong. This is confusing to the child, and grossly unfair. His mother lives in a small house with ordinary creature comforts, while his father lives in a well-structured 2-story house with many more amenities, but the child prefers the small house with fewer material aspects, because he is loved and yes disciplined, but not too harshly,.

Teenagers are different in that they have been exposed to materialism through their friends, and do want more freedom, which makes their case a little more complex, but for younger children whose feelings are more important than things, we should let them live where they feel safe and are allowed to be a child. This is what I was thinking too while reading that. A lawyer, which I am not, would mostly likely not share this view. A child's mind is not fully developed until around 20 or so. They should not just be able to choose who they would prefer to be with!

There are many things they have to do that they may not like but society mandates they be done. Certainly their concerns should be considered, but they often overreact and are not really able to properly know what will turn them into the best adult. I would think there is always a favorite. Maybe one is not as strict, or one buys them more, or does expensive activities, or maybe they have more friends at one parents.

None of this means the other parent isn't as good or maybe even more helpful. The kids need balance and the vast majority or research shows that joint custody is the best for most of them. If it get too bad, as in my case, get counseling to get to the root of why they want to be with the other parent more and try to look at a different schedule that may help them. THEM but do not let just them go as tough as it may be.

While I recognize my ex's capacity as a parent, I do not recognize her capacity to co-parent. It seems that all issues related to our son are boiled down to power. Vacations must be negotiated with the view that an agreement will be met with a demand.

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Our son's needs never seem to supercede her need to control the co-parenting agenda. In truth, we are paralell parenting, and our son has already stated to enquire about what would happen if he stayed at one or the other parent's house full time he's only His mother told him that she would move away if he came to live with me, which seems extreme to me. I simply told him that what ever choice he made, I would make sure that he could see me as much as he wanted. So if one week he feels like being with me, then he stays with his Mom for two weeks, then comes over to my place for a month, so be it.

Dream along I guess. Thank you for pointing this out. I am exhausted with the BS notion of "conscious uncoupling" that is being propagated now-a-days.

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I personally tried to be friendly with my ex, but after realizing they did not want to own any of the blame, or see how their decision directly impacted everyone, not to mention that they financially have the upper hand, plus, I have to relinquish support it's not the caring for the children, it's the control over me , made the idea of amicability impossible. I truly believe that the idea of "family" whatever that mean is a fallacy, I came from a broken home, and tried my best. Even when it was said and done, I tried to be fair and put my feelings aside, but it's impossible to deal with, when someone has an advantage over you, and they know it.

The vital importance of paternal presence in children’s lives.

Respect is a lofty goal. When there is an imbalance of power, regardless which way it goes, it does not work. No matter how imperceptable that control is. Love yourself, cause no one understands you like you. It would be thought that those claiming to be of Christian character would act accordingly. However, when the total opposite is experienced and then a controlling nature and one filled with resentment and anger over takes an ex's actions, then complete disappointment and surprise is felt.

Where in a joint custody, where communication is key, there literally is none on the one side. Questions and answers are needed, and none are given on the ex's part. When this is a big part of parent alienation, for sure, and the children don't have a realistic knowledge of it at all, and are confused, and seemingly pressured into choosing who they would prefer to live with, now, well it is shameful. The city where the children were born and raised in, the elementary school where one graduated from and one is still attending in the upper grades is located, the excellent high school chosen and auditioned for by the grade school graduate is located, where friends are still living nearby and sought after to interact and visit, is now seemingly rejected in favor of a life far away from the only life that has been known.

Something just is not quite right. My kind, beautiful daughter was brave enough to make the decision to leave a 17 year marriage filled with lies of debt in the end, mental and spiritual abuse, not really wanting a life of divorce but finding it no other way to gain some sense of herself, and the need to be free of this deceitfulness.

Even in counseling, the ex was deceitful by using services of his financial clients who were the counsellors! A narcissist in character, my daughter's ex refuses to allow their children to get counseling which is sorely needed in having them express themselves freely and having uncertainties discussed.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that hopefully a judge can read the evidence, and see that what is being done to the children by the ex is undermining their relationship with their mother. His lack of communication and push to erase their mother from them, and that being evidenced in wanting the children to call their step mother, "Mom", a name only used in all of l4 years by my grandson to only call his birth mom.

My grandson has been calling his mom, "Mother" a term never used in all of his years. It just seems that a child who seemed very happy with his mom, who did much of everything for him and his sister, being the one who made sure that they were signed up and ready for, and most of the time taking them to school, Sunday school, camp, park district activities, sports, walks to the park, doctors, etc. Also, when he and his sister, at times, seem to think they know all of the "reasons" their mom had to leave their dad, and seem to diminish all of them, as if they weren't good enough reasons, it seems that they are parroting what their dad has told them.

I really don't think that they should be uprooted and placed in a brand new situation with their dad who hasn't to this day introduced his new wife to my daughter. She hasn't even met the woman who is taking care of her children half of their lives! He has played by any respectable rules, as far as I can see, and don't feel that the children should be left in that kind of life, seemingly encouraged not to utter a word about their life while in his care!

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  6. I have an 8 year old boy that is scared to say anything negative to his father. Im not quite sure what power he has over him. Except he says that when they have lectures with him they use big eyes and loud voices. Every time he does try to speak up for himself they always have an excuse why it shouldn't be done his way.

    Recently he was asked by a friend what he would do if he had to go live with his father full time and his reply was that he would run away and live with a friend or run away and sit on the corner with a can. Now to me that spoke volumes.

    Dads React To Try Not To Cry Challenge (Father's Day)

    How are we to help a child when the courts wont let us. His father is an alcoholic.

    Separated father: 'I will spend Christmas on my own, not seeing my children'

    The silliest reasons can tip a child's favor toward one parent, minor, and obscene details, such as the food at that house stocked of course by the parent , how the parent scolds and apologizes, or how loudly they talk on the phone. Being in high school, I'm not sure if I would be seen as sensible enough to decide for myself young and immature, right?

    I want my mom to take full custody, but I've heard over and over how that is wrong, and would be too much of a burden on one parent. It's extremely discouraging. My parent's divorce didn't ruin our lives, I would have done the same. I don't blame myself or them despite the parents officially telling my sisters and me of the divorce on Valentine's Day. My parents never ask me how I feel. I wish I could. It's easy to imagine the terror of waking up and your kid telling you, "I don't want to live with you anymore.

    I feel absolutely horrible speaking to my father about this, just today he was obstinate and argued about how the mirrors in a car should be positioned. The one time I managed to tell him how I felt, he insisted I see therapist almost implying something was wrong with my idea.

    This wasn't so bad until I realized I had no privacy in what I said, and that he wouldn't stand in my shoes at all. My dad is a person, if I leave, he'll be sad and lonely, and me may even cry. That scares me to think of him like that, and I know that means I care for him, and no one deserves to lose their child, but I deserve to decide for myself the path I want to take. Nothing is set in stone with a relationship. My children are 11, 14 and My 17 yr old is afraid that their father will harass me even more so he goes back and forth between houses and frequently states that he feels more comfortable at my house bc his father is always screaming and fighting or barely around and with my mom I knows she cares, she's involved, and she has rules to help us learn to make good choices.

    My ex's gf use to live with him and would call my 11 yr old daughter fat, selfish and a brat. The father never corrected her and it continued to escalate.

    A Father’s Impact on Child Development

    She also has a 15 yr old son that has severe asperger's autism and severe behaviors. My kids have to put up with hearing her call her kid a loser, a delinquent, that he will end up in Juvi and also have to see the physical altercations between her, her son, and many times with their father and her. The house abusive.