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Two years later, they attended a lecture lead by metaphysician. Weeks, lecturing on Christian Science its teachings given. Myrtle had a spiritual breakthrough in when she attended this meeting. She learned she was a child of God and not an inheritor of sickness. She began to follow the teachings Melton the Encyclopedia of World Religions 2 nd ed. This introduced her to a new view and understanding in healing. Over the course of the next year Myrtle said she was healed of her tuberculosis by using this technique, repeating an occultic mind-over-matter affirmation,.

She then began to offer her services to others and soon developed a following of those seeking divine healing through this method. Over an extended period of time, and only after he had a chance to study metaphysics did he become convinced of the truth of the teachings found in Christian Science. Charles then began to spread the message and in the couple founded a magazine called Modern Thought to teach what they hade learned and experienced. They began the society of Silent Help known a silent unity the next year unity was adopted as the name.

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In Unity was begun as the official magazine of this society. According to Charles Fillmore the name Unity was adopted in , denoting that Unity was devoted to the spiritualization of all humanity and takes the best from all religions. He said the following regarding the eclectic belief system of Unity:.

People of every religion under the sun claim that we either belong to them or have borrowed the best part of our teaching from them. We have borrowed the best from all religions, that is the reason we are called Unity.

Unity is not a sect, not a separation of people into an exclusive group of know-it-alls. Unity is the Truth that is taught in all religions, simplified. Students of Unity do not find it necessary to sever their church affiliations. After Myrtle Fillmore's remarkable healing utilizing prayer and affirmations, many who were seeking help became interested in how she accomplished this healing. From small prayer circles in living rooms, Unity grew.

The first issue of Unity Magazine was published in The teaching of the practice of prayer, through classes and correspondence, led to the establishment of Unity School, where the prayer ministry, Silent Unity, began, along with Unity School for Religious Studies, and a publishing arm for magazines and books. To this day, we are a worldwide movement of about 1, churches and groups supporting individuals on their spiritual path by offering communities of like-minded believers. When they say like-minded believers they are not referring to Jesus Christ or the Bible but the teachings and interpretation of the Bible and other books and religions through Charles Fillmore.

All the sacred writings of world religions are accepted. Charles Fillmore wrote: " Unity believes there is good in every religion on earth and that we should keep our minds open. Charles from early on already had a background in Hinduism, Buddhism, Rosicrucianism, and Theosophy etc. It was later incorporated as a church in by the Unity Society of Practical Christianity. Fillmore, during a time of silent prayer, is said to have received the name Unity. Charles Fillmore chose the ancient Egyptian winged disc , an occult symbol, as the symbol to represent their Unity church.

Steeped in Hinduism, Fillmore felt that he had been associated with the symbol in previous lives. He believed he was the reincarnation of the Apostle Paul! It is a circle with wings on both sides and the word "Unity" across the front; the several-storied tower that rises above the Unity Village complex; a light shining at night from a lone window symbolizing "The Light that Shines for You," a reference to Silent Unity's constant prayer. This same winged disk of Egyptian heiroglyphics is found in Rosicrucian pamphlets. Manley P. Hall, a Mason, also had this winged disk in the Secret Teachings of all Ages.

After the death of Myrtle in , Charles continued to lead Unity in its metaphysical teachings. Charles, a cripple with tuberculosis of the hip diagnosed as incurable lived into his eighties Melton the Encyclopedia of world Religions 2nd ed. Rickert Fillmore, and has since experienced some growth. Unity says its membership is 1. There is only one Presence and one Power active as the universe and as my life, God the Good. Our essence is of God; therefore, we are inherently good. This God essence, called the Christ, was fully expressed in Jesus. Through prayer and meditation, we align our heart-mind with God.

Denials and affirmations are tools we use. Here we find their teachings diametrically opposed to Jesus who said there is only one who is good- God.

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Man is sinful and this is why Jesus came. And there is only one Christ- the anointed one, we are not all potential Christs as the New age movement or the Gnostics teach. Unity denies the absolute deity of Jesus of Nazareth and takes the position that Jesus and the Christ, are two separate entities. Thus, we can be Christ as we ll. The mind science, metaphysical teaching comes through with their view of being co-creators with God , which is a typical new age term creating reality through thoughts held in mind. Affirmations are self- convincing phrases that change ones view of self and the world.

It is liken to a hypnotic induction as one repeats phrases over and over to persuade themselves of its meaning. One can change the way their mind sees things and be thoroughly convinced of its merit but not have it rooted in reality.

Manual incorporating the entire Religion Series

Directive Word Power: The spoken word carries vibrations through the universe and moves the intelligence inherent in every form, animate or inanimate. Many people believe in things they can do in their minds but cannot do in reality. The truth is, one can think and speak all day long and not change a thing.


Can anyone make another floor on a high rise? No amount of thinking or speaking will help them become the singer they think they are. First, God is good and all His creations are good. When you get that firmly fixed in your mind, you are bound to demonstrate good, and nothing but good can come into your world.

Living in the Post Christian era - Post Modernism, New Age, Harry Potter

While this may have been true in the beginning, but it did not end up this way- God sent a flood because man was good? This flies in the face of our thoughts being united with God and our being co- creators. Spoken Word; Every idea originating in Divine Mind is expressed in the mind of man. The starting point of every form is an idea. This is involution. Then the ideas are made into form and shape. This is evolution. Evolution is the working out in manifestation of what Mind has involved.

Knowledge of this fact is the greatest discovery of all ales.

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No other revelation from God to man is to be compared with it. You can make yourself a new creature, and you can build the world about you to your highest ideals. Fillmore called it the law of mind action. New Thought, has influenced many who claim no allegiance to its organizations.

Phineas P. Quimby, a mental healer and metaphysician, is considered the founder of New Thought. Along the way the movement incorporated ideas of other thinkers, including those of the American transcendentalists. Warren F. Evans and Julius A. Dresser It is therefore the position of The International Association of Unity Churches and Unity to urge all nations, their leaders, and their people to turn to God by whatever the name for guidance during these challenging times and pursue peace, not war, for this is what honors the God of all our faith traditions.

Unity stands for peace in our lifetime.

They believe that we all worship the same God. While it may be a commendable goal to get along with others who differ, the concept of all worshipping the same God in different manners and being acceptable is foreign from the words of Jesus whom they claim to respect. For He said that he alone was the way to God Jn. From all sacred writings you can get They give metaphysical interpretations to many obvious plain literal truths in the Bible so that the normal meaning is twisted and the passage then fits their own theology.

In other words, Unity says the Bible does not mean what it says. I will reference these two books and others throughout this article. It would thus seem that Moses edited the legends of the ages and compiled them into an allegorical history of creation. If what he said is true, then Moses, Jesus and the word of God are not. Moses wrote first hand and was a compiler. The books themselves claim to have been written by Moses. What God told Moses he wrote, he did not write anything God did not ask him to write.

Jesus referred to the 5 books as the book of Moses Mark Jesus Christ quoted from every part of the Pentateuch and attributed the authorship to Moses: Genesis Mt.

Post Modernism

Beginning with the very first chapter of Genesis, the Bible is an allegory. It is so regarded by the majority of Hebrew scholars, and they certainly ought to know the character of their own Scriptures. So Genesis did not literally take place as it is described even though Jesus referred to Adam and Eve, the flood as literal history.